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About us


Auto Sherreti L.L.C was founded by brothers Avdiu in 1995, their inspiration was to offer vehicles with affordable prices. In the spirit of innovation and strategic expansion, brothers Avdiu developed the Auto Sherreti Group vision to include the diversification of premium and luxury brands. As a result of that, on 2008 the company moved from Ferizaj to Çaglavica in Prishtina with more space on showrooms.


As the market leader of the Kosovo car dealer / rental sector, Auto Sherreti is also the first company in the sector to have attained from Kosovo Police Union / EUROCOP the certification of Achievements. Since its launch, the company has continued to grow and has increased its market share to 20%. Sherreti Rent-a-Car reserves the option to re-new 95% of it rental agreements. In addition to this, it doubles its costumer base every year.


Since April 2004 Auto Sherreti L.L.C continues to foster customer loyalty in Kosovo, loyalty that makes it an iconic brand. During this time, the company has sold more than 6,000 cars. The company has developed several innovative, costumercentric programs that have created a niche for the brands, and built itself an edge in sales and leasing for the premium vehicle market. Auto Sherreti is focused on continuing to deliver unmatched, high quality service just as they have for over 21 years in the local passenger car market.

The company offers to its client’s wide range of sale services and vehicles.

At 2008 Auto Sherreti L.L.C launched the Car Rental company named Sherreti Rent-a-Car. Sherreti Rent-a-Car provides 24hr service with professionalism in 365 days of the year. Sherreti Rent-a-Car has been leading the car rental industry in the Kosovo with quality vehicles and efficient customer services. In 2016, the Sherreti Rent-a-Car brand has been recognized for these qualities by customers. Since March 2015 Sherreti Rent-a-Car is an independent franchise of the Enterprise, National and Alamo brands.

Sherreit Rent-a-Car’s primary focus is the local rental car market, specializing in car rentals to costumers who need a special occasion such as a short business or leisure trip, replacement car as the result of an accident, mechanical repair or theft.

In the 2011, Sherreti Rent-a-Car also began expanding its operations to include the airport market.

Although the company’s pay for management trainees so quickly get a chance to run a branch office with responsibility to generate a profit. Certain requirements and qualifications must be met to get promoted to an assistant manager, and many of these qualifications may depend on the employees sales and their success in the company’s management training program.

Per the company politics with two years, a successful manager may take position at headquarters or become an area manager responsible for multiple branches.